Horse of Diplomacy

Last night in New York City, Georgina Bloomberg win in Central Park. I have had many great accomplishments including painting Nelson Mandela live in New York City in front of UN delegates this pass july but I must admit today this one is very close to my heart loving the passion to win. Here 2 yrs ago at WEF at The Palm Beach WEF (FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival) where twice I have been the artist in residence at The Gallery at The International Arena for a period of 3 months to witness 8 times a day competitions of the top horses in The World jumping up to 6 feet with a horse. Last night, Georgina Bloomberg won not only a competition but a vision of Mark Belissimo the CEO of WEF of having a jumping horse show in Central Park. Here with Michael Stone, President of WEF, Jimmy, the coach and leader and Georgina Bloomberg in front of the painting I created of her horse Diplomacy. A vision is what it takes, winning it, having the drive to win it is all it takes. Hard work
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