Josée Nadeau


Josée Nadeau is an internationally renowned artist with glamorous acclaim in the arts. Her impressionistic style and larger-than-life monumental paintings grace the homes of many avid art lovers and collectors. Her paintings are, bold, fresh and soothing, both in action and dynamic movement, capturing the vital essence of the atmosphere of her rich and versatile subject matters. From the spectacular gardens of Claude Monet, from the open bedroom windows of the world, to the charm of Parisian cafés, her series of equine work, her on-location, site-specific paintings, projecting the essence and simplicity of her emotions, drawing the viewer into each lovely scenery she brings to life in her unique and magnificent paintings.
Josée Nadeau is more than a talented artist, adding much to the cultural heritage of Fine Arts. Josée has been widely recognized as one of this century’s most talented artists of French-Canadian origins in over 25 countries, via publications and also has been featured on glamorous TV shows for celebrities. She is the Protegée of the European Art Expert, Gerald Van der Kemp, curator in chief of the Palace of Versailles for 30 years, and a war hero who saved Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa from destruction in World War II, along with most of the other treasured works of art in the national museums in France, to the great glory of France and the world of Fine Arts.
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